How is guarana better than coffee and tea?

Originating from Brazil and other areas of the Amazon, this Guarana fruit comes from a woody perennial shrub and has been used for centuries to suppress hunger for long journeys. Nowadays it is used as not only an appetite suppressant but also has a high caffeine content so acts as a strong stimulant and energy booster.

What is guarana?

Guarana It was only in the 16th century that the plant was discovered by European colonisers and the plant was brought to the Western world. Its fruit has been used for centuries by Amazonian tribes, it is only recently since 1958 that guarana has been produced and sold commercially. Originally it was used in soft drinks and energy drinks due to it’s natural caffeine content as well as a natural flavouring agents in drinks. Nowadays though it has become popular within the health and wellbeing community as a powerful superfood and a natural way to help give your body an energy boost without having to resort to chemical drugs or sugary carbonated drinks.

Guarana is a climbing plant native to Brazil. Although the plant can be found widely within the Amazon rainforest, it is the fruit and more specifically the seeds that is what have made it so popular and classed as a superfood. Originating from the word Guaraní which means "fruit like the eyes of the people" in Tupi-Guarani, the fruits of the this plant are said to be ‘eye-like’ in looks due to its brown/red outer, white arils and black seeds. Traditionally, the Sateré-Maué tribe would grind the seeds into a fine powder to be used in foods including herbal teas and bread. Its seeds were an ideal food source for them due to its nutritional value and ability to help provide natural energy for long journeys and hunting. They also used the plant in a number of herbal medicines to aid a variety of ailments.

What is guarana extract?

Guarana extract is a concentrated form taken from the fruit and is what is used to make many of the Western health products including powder and supplements. As it would be pretty difficult for those us not living within the Amazon rainforest to include its fruit into our daily diets, the extract taken from the fruit allows us to receive the benefits of the fruit without the hassle in a still completely natural way.

Guarana benefits

You should not put guarana on a par with tea or coffee, because it has some advantages compared with these drinks. If coffee or tea, which contains caffeine, causes an instant surge of energy, which lasts a short time, guarana, containing the substance guaranine, which gently acts on the body, but the tonic effect lasts for 10-12 hours. Guarana, unlike coffee or tea, does not irritate the gastric mucosa.

Here are some of its potential benefits:

Helps to suppress the appetite

Contributes to healthy weight loss

Can provide a natural energy boost

Aids the detoxing of the digestive system

May relieve the symptoms of bloating and constipation

Nutrient dense superfood - full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Плоды гуараны

Where to buy guarana?

Here at WeightWorld we offer both powder and supplements so that you can easily add this amazing superfood into your daily diet and routine. Our products here at WeightWorld are all completely natural and do not have any fillers, binders or artificial products. We only want to give you the best with your superfoods and guarana is no exception!

How To Take Guarana?

If you purchase guarana on our website, then the recommendations are as follows. To take your Pure Guaranasupplements it is recommended to have 1 to 3 capsules daily 30 minutes before a main meal.

Do not exceed recommended amount unless directed by a doctor. Each Pure Guarana capsule provides 1200mg of natural guarana extract.

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