How Does Raspberry Ketone Work?

Raspberry ketone supplement for weight loss is the primary usage of raspberry ketones. This simple fruit extract can offer a vast amount of help in achieving your weight loss target. Raspberry Ketones increase the secretion of the brain chemical norepinephrine which breaks down the fat present in your fat cells. Secondly, these Ketones increase the secretion of Adiponectin which again helps to break down fats and also regulates sugar levels and metabolism. Adiponectin are basically proteins that are found in high levels in thin people whereas low levels in the obese. Increasing the amount of this protein in your diet can both decrease fat and increase metabolic rate resulting in further weight loss..

What are Raspberry Ketones?

RaspberryRaspberry Ketone is the natural substance that gives red raspberries their powerful aroma, colour, flavour and not to forget, their many health benefits. You can also find ketones in small proportions in blackberries, cranberries, and kiwis.

Red raspberries are native to Europe, Northern Africa and Central Asia and have essential nutrients including beta-carotene and vitamins A, E and C. These ketones have a long history of use in cosmetics and also have been added to soft drinks, ice cream and other processed foods as a flavouring agent.

In the past few years, Raspberry ketone supplements have gained popularity due to their potential metabolism boosting and fat burning qualities. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, they can help to promote weight loss results. The properties of Raspberry Ketones are believed to have a powerful and positive effect on your overall health. Since the actual fruit contains only traces of ketone, the superfood is produced in labs.

What are the benefits of raspberry ketones?

Promotes weight lossPromotes weight loss - Some studies suggest that raspberry ketones can help in speeding up the body’s fat burning action. The compound helps produce a hormone which helps break down fat cells faster, especially in the liver which can help with weight loss. These same benefits of raspberry ketone can be realised by eating the whole fruit but you would have to consume about 90 pounds to get the same effect, which is why raspberry ketone pills are usually preferred. Research shows that when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise, raspberry ketones can help you lose weight.

Lower cholesterolHelps lower cholesterol - The adiponectin compound found in raspberry ketone helps to regulate the amount of glucose in the body and hence your blood sugar levels via its ability to increase the body’s sensitivity to certain hormones. This increased sensitivity means that blood sugar levels can be decreased and sustained over a longer period of time.

MetabolismCan boost the metabolism - Raspberry ketones work by altering the metabolism of fat, to aid weight loss. Studies suggest that this compound helps the body enhance its adiponectin production, which in turn breaks down fat and regulates metabolism as well. Therefore, the benefits of raspberry ketone supplement can promote an active metabolism. Animal studies also show that raspberry ketones can help reduce the stubborn abdominal fat stored in the liver. So the more adiponectin, the better your body will be able to clear out fat cells to use them as energy. The entire process is known as lipolysis.

AntioxidantsHelps boosts the immune system - The high antioxidant content in raspberry ketones has been linked to everything from protecting the body against disease to preventing cell damage, giving you multiple, ongoing health benefits as well as weight loss. Antioxidants are also commonly known to help protect the body against free radicals which are one of the main causes for the signs of premature ageing.

Other Uses of Raspberry Ketone

Packed full of antioxidants, raspberries have long been known to protect your body against diseases and cell damage. It releases the hormone protein called adiponectin in the body that is known to help prevent type-2 diabetes. Fat burning is the primary function of Raspberry Ketones.

Ingredients Often Mixed With Raspberry Ketones

Even though it is suggested to buy a pure form of raspberry ketones, some supplements also add other superfoods to their formulation to gain an extra edge in your weight loss program. The most common superfoods combined with Raspberries include African mango, Green tea, Acai berry and many more.


After comparing the benefits the other supplements with Raspberry ketone has to offer, one thing invariably remains is that you need to look for all natural ingredients. These ingredients won’t overpower the effects of raspberry ketones but supplement its power and also help in naturally detoxifying the body. Finally, when you choose 100% natural Raspberry ketone, you do not have to worry about any major side effects. However, do not use it without discussing with your doctor if you are a pregnant woman, breast-feeding mother or having any pre-existing conditions.

Why is it better to take raspberry ketone supplements?

Raspberry ketone dosage instructions: The amount of berries you would need to eat daily to get the daily dosage of raspberry ketones is really high. You may need to have 90 lbs a day in order to get the same fat-burning effect as a single 100 mg dose, that’s huge and impossible for anyone to ingest that many berries. This is why there are supplements made from pure Raspberry Ketone Extracts. These are highly concentrated and are designed to give you the required dosage of the ketones to give you results you desire.

How much raspberry ketone should your supplement hold?

Dosage of raspberry ketonesUnderstanding proper dosage is essential in ensuring that you get the most out of this wonderful supplement. You need to understand the maximum dosage of raspberry ketones or the minimum dosage needed in order to get results. This is obviously dependant on the supplement and brand you try but in general it is recommended that you take your raspberry ketone supplement each day around 30 minutes to an hour before food. Do always read the label of any supplement you take to ensure you are taking the recommended dosage for that particular product.

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In conclusion..

Raspberry ketones can speed up the metabolic process to help with fat burning, but it is important to incorporate regular exercise and a calorie controlled diet. Some people find this supplement helps them to overcome a plateau of weight loss. Any type of weight loss accomplished will need a healthy maintenance strategy too.

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