Graviola, medicinal mushrooms and herbs are "Immune Support"

Introducing Immune Support. It contains various plant extracts (mushrooms, herbs) to nourish your immune system. A daily food supplement will provide healthy immunity for you and your family.

Иммунная поддержка


DELIVERY to 23 countries

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Advanced herbal extracts including Beta-glucans and Arabinogalactan

Antioxidant support with Quercetin, Green Tea and Vitamins C & E

For everyday use with both modern and traditional ingredients

The immune system is extremely complex. It fights off an incredible amount of aggressive bacteria, fungi and viruses every day, and is also responsible for cleaning out dead or damaged cells throughout the body.

Wide Range of Nutritional Ingredients

The VitaPost Immune Support formula combines vitamins, antioxidants, herbals and traditional wellness botanicals.

Vitamin E & Green Tea

Vitamin E has many reported beneficial effects for the immune system. It is a potent antioxidant and acts integrally with some immune system components. Vitamin E is an important nutrient for the maintenance of the immune system. Healthy levels of vitamin E supplementation has been associated with a healthy immune system in aging people.

Green tea extract is a surprisingly powerful antioxidant, and this is well supported by research. The extract form been measured as more potent than simply drinking the same amount of green tea beverage. Green tea antioxidants can support the body’s other antioxidants too. Green tea has been shown to have many quite specific benefits relating to the immune system.

Vitamin E & Green Tea

Beta-Glucans & Graviola Leaf

Beta-glucans are kinds of harmless polysaccharides (sugar-chains) that occur in many kinds of bacteria and fungi. The body associates beta-glucans with pathogenic microorganisms, so when the body encounters beta-glucans it is prepared. There are healthy, edible sources of beta-glucans (such as from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that are known to support the immune system

There has been a lot of exciting research about Graviola (soursop, Annona muricata) leaf in recent times. Various studies have concluded that Graviola has potential for the support of the immune system.


Mushroom & Herbal Complexes

Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms have been associated with good immune system health. The ‘Herbal Complex’ in Immune Support has a formula derived from a traditional first-nation’s formulation from Canada.

The combination of burdock, sheep sorrel, slippery elm and rhubarb has long been used in support of the Immune System, but science has not confirmed the efficacy of the blend, although some of the ingredients have been shown to have antioxidant potential.

Medicinal mushrooms

The Merits "Immune Support"

Immune Support aims to be an 'all-rounder,' for everyday nutritional support.

Broad Spectrum of Antioxidants

The antioxidants in VitaPost Immune Support are supplied by many different ingredients. Starting with vitamins C & E, through green tea and pine bark, to grape seed extract and olive leaf – these natural sources of beneficial antioxidants help fight free-radicals and oxidation.

Herbal Extracts to Support the Immune System

With traditional ingredients such as Graviola leaf (Annona muricata) and green tea, and modern advancements in natural science such as beta-glucans and d-Alpha tocopherol succinate (vitamin E), you get the best of the old and the new.

Multiple Beneficial Ingredients

The immune system is constantly fighting a huge range of pathogens and diseases, all with different kinds of strengths and weaknesses. It makes sense that a wide and varied range of supplemental ingredients would be beneficial to the nourishment of the immune system.


Price Immune Support


1 Bottle- $24.95

2 Bottles- $44.96 (Save $4.94)

4 Bottles Plus 1 Free! $89.90. (Save $34.85)

UPS/DHL/USPS – Tracking International (12-15 business days)

USPS - Standard (3-5 business days)


Delivery to 23 countries of the world. The list of countries is available at the first stage of ordering on the official website.

Are these certified by the FDA?

The FDA does not certify dietary supplement products, such as Immune Support. However, Immune Support is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

Where is it manufactured?

Immune Support is manufactured in the US from quality imported and domestic ingredients.

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