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Provillus for women

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Provillus for women


Provillus works by reactivating your hair’s natural growth process at the root. Whether you want more volume for thinning hair, or looking to completely regrow follicles lost from female pattern baldness, Provillus is the product for you.

Provillus is one of the most popular and highest rated hair loss product for women by both user testimonials and reviews online. What makes it a successful product for this condition is the fact that it combines some of the most effective ingredients in formulation such as Minoxidil (2%), Horsetail Silica, Biotin, Vitamin B6 and PABA . Other products for hair loss are a bit more limited because they combine only one or two of these ingredients. The other thing that makes this product ahead of its competition is the fact that it offers two products – supplement and tropical solution. Since Provillus works from outside and inside users can expect far better results than using only a supplement or tropical solution alone.


"Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment contains the world's only ingredient specifically approved by the FDA and scientifically designed to treat Female Pattern Baldness at any stage of hair loss."


Are you embarrassed by your hair loss and ready to fight back?

Regain your full, luxurious head of hair!

Renew your youthfulness and confidence!

After and Before


But what can you do to stop it?

Before Provillus for Women, you might have spent hundreds, if not thousands on costly surgeries or experimental drugs that could have left your hair and scalp even more damaged than before.

These harsh chemicals in prescription meds and creams can actually harm your skin and your hair loss efforts, and home-remedies have proven to be completely ineffective against hair loss.

But with this revolutionary new formula by Provillus, there is a real solution for any woman struggling with thinning hair. Containing the only FDA-approved hair-loss ingredient on the market today, Provillus’ patented new formula is being recommend by experts around the world.


FACT: Hereditary hair loss can come from the mother’s side or the father’s side.

FACT: Provillus Hair Regrowth contains the only FDA approved ingredient to fight hair loss for women of any hair type!

How does Provillus provide such amazing results?

As we age, our bodies stop producing the vital hormones that promote proper hair health and growth. With a lack of healthy levels of estrogen, melatonin, and certain ceramides, our hair starts to thin and fall out.

With Provillus' advanced blend of natural & powerful ingredients,

the body can actually start to refill these hormones, sending the necessary vitamins and nutrients directly to the scalp and newly formed hair follicles

 The truth

Try the new haircare formula that experts around the globe are recommending! Now protected by our 90-day money-back guarantee!

Real Results

If you will spend time reading Provillus for Women consumer testimonials online you will find mostly positive feedback. While it is true that this product doesn’t work for all women, success rate is one of the highest when compared with similar products.…


“I am so happy found Provillus Hair Support. It's only been a month and I have already noticed that I am loosing a lot less hair. Plus my hair feels thicker. I am excited to see the results in month 2 ...”


“After using this profuct for the past three month I noticed increased haeir growth. My hair is thicker and healthier as well.”


“I am on my second bottle and so far, I've noticed less shedding and my hair looks healthier. I'll continue to use 'Provillus" to maintain my results. This supplement is one of the betterb hair vitamins available and it's mach better priced as well.”


Why I decided to dedicate my life to helping people find relief…

Ingredients Supplements

Since Provillus for women is two products in one it is worthwhile to look at ingredients of both of these solutions.

The supplement of this product contains a total of 5 main ingredients. The two main ingredients in formulation are para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) and Horsetail Silica. The first ingredients – PABA is a type of Vitamin B that is known for its ability to restore natural color to greying hair and also it helps to prevent hair loss by protecting follicles. The other ingredient – Horsetail Silica contains high levels of antioxidants and also it has anti-inflammatory features. For these reasons Horsetail Silica can boost blood circulation to your scalp, which in turn will lead to better health of follicles and faster hair growth. It is worthwhile to mention that there are quite a lot testimonials online of people that uses Horsetail Silica alone in a form of supplement and confirm that it actually works on making hair growth faster.

The other three ingredients found in Provillus for Women supplement are:

MAGNESIUM - Did you know 87% of balding women have a magnesium deficiency? Magnesium works with calcium to promote healthy hair growth. In just a few weeks you can see what balanced magnesium levels can do for your hair!

BIITIN- Biotin plays an extremely important role in the growth of healthy hair, skin, and nails. Provillus provides your body with this natural hormone to revitalize your scalp and rejuvenate your full head of hair.

VITAMIN B6-Vitamin B6 is absolutely essential for proper hair health and hair growth. This unique nutrient turbo-charges the metabolism of proteins, including those found in newly formed hair follicles.

According to various researches deficiencies of these three components in the body is closely associated with hair loss in some people. So by getting all these components from a supplement you can greatly reduce this cause of hair loss.


The other product of Provillus for women is a solution containing Minoxidil (2%). It is applied directly on the scalp two times per day and works from the outside to stimulate new hair growth. Minoxidil is one of the most common ingredients in hair loss products, because in many clinical trials it showed to be effective in stimulating hair growth with high success rate (~60%).

In fact it is the only ingredient that is included in a popular hair loss treatment – Rogaine. Many users find success by using this product alone, so it can be said that Provillus can provide you even with better results since it offers two products with additional ingredients that will work from the inside too.

How to use Provillus?

The supplement of Provillus is designed to be used orally by taking two pills per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening).

The other product – tropical solution is applied directly on the scalp (hair loss area) also two times per day. Each time 1 ml of solution should be applied by using a dropper, which comes together with a bottle. Then simply use your fingers to massage affected scalp area with a solution so that it would be absorbed better. Also it is important to mention that you should wash your hands after each application and also only apply it on dry hair.



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Hair cycles are a long process, so you probably won't see results in the first week. But there have been many reports of customers seeing a noticeable difference within the first 10 days. Individual results will vary, but users reported seeing results within 14-20 days.


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